An email list for residents of the SligoBranView Community Association and nearby organizations of interest.
Our Community Rules & Philosophy
  • Be polite, considerate, and courteous. Write posts and comments as if you are talking to each other face to face. You're a grown up and we know that you will behave accordingly. 
  • We don't believe in "the fear factor." We want you to enjoy your experience and feel confident that you can participate without being "shut down." 
  • Please remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you don't agree, that's okay, but it is NOT okay to attack, abuse, or insult anyone. Activity of this kind will be dealt with quickly. This means that offensive posts will be deleted, and the poster will be seriously scolded. 
  • Messages that are sent to other members as a response to a listserv message also matter. That is, if you reply to only one person with an unacceptable message that is treated the same as if it was sent to the whole list.
  • If someone continues to act in a way that is bullying or insulting, the Community Managers will handle it directly. Feel free to contact Becky Lavash or Cecilia Sepp with any questions or concerns. 
  • It is NOT okay to report a post because you don't like it or because it makes you uncomfortable. If you don't like it or it's uncomfortable, please move on to another topic. Or start a new conversation - use your energy in a positive way, please.
  • Our pledge: if someone complains about a post, we will investigate it but the point here is community building and information sharing. Please keep that in mind before you post or reply. 
  • Our additional pledge: we won't punish everyone for one person's bad behavior. One complaint does not a crisis make. 
  • It is not acceptable to harass individuals in any way because you don't agree with them or because you are in a bad mood or frame of mind. Messaging/emailing community members directly with insulting, threatening or abusive language will lead to immediate action. This includes but is not limited to moderation and/or loss of community participation privileges. 

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